Lothar Wolleh was a German photographer.
Berlin, Germany 1930 - 1979 London, England.

Artist Talk

Photoweekend Düsseldorf

Christian Megert
  • Author Oliver Wolleh
  • Date 2017

It was an Artist Talk full of memories that took place on the occasion of the exhibition "Lothar Wolleh - Internationale Artist’s portraits" with Christian Megert and Oliver Wolleh in the Gallery Ruth Leuchter.

Cristian Megert

Christian Megert moved to Düsseldorf in the early 1970s and immediately came across Lothar Wolleh, who was firmly integrated into the art scene. Joint trips and projects connected him to Wolleh and the Artist Talk takes a look back at Lothar Wolleh's artistic obsession as well as the working methods and trends of the 1970s. Video in German language only. 

Lothar Wolleh Artist Talk Photoweekend Düsseldorf 2017 Moderation: Dr. Bernd Fechner